Create the appropriate environment for the child's development

Children want to experiment different sensations to develop their skills and stimulate their curiosity. To do so, we can help them by creating an environment in which they will feel comfortable, safe and respected and where their autonomy will be encouraged.


At home

A pleasant and well-organized environment will help children to feel independent and will enable them to concentrate better.

The room

Children appreciate rooms with neutral and light colors, without too many toys. From the start, children have a natural taste for pretty things, they instinctively appreciate art. We can for example hang up artwork or paintings,…

The choice of the objects that will surround children is important because they will absorb every single detail of their environment. These objects need to capture their attention, be attractive, be of quality and be adapted to their size and capabilities.

Create within the room the following dedicated areas (which can be adapted according to the available space):

- The sleeping area

Often the notion of empathy can help us to make the right decisions for children. For sleeping for example, as adults we enjoy sleeping in a large open bed (without


bars), the same goes for children. For security reasons, it is recommended to put the mattress on the floor with cushions all around (the easiest and most cost efficient way).

Where to put the mattress is also guided by our common sense. A corner in the room would be ideal for a child to feel the security of the walls and where he can also get a general overview of his room and observe his books, mobiles, pictures and photos…).

- The play area

The desire to make new things, to concentrate, and to look for more autonomy is the main reason for the children’s motivation and at the very core of their self construction.

In order to help them we can dedicate a space for exploration adapted to their development stage. In another corner of the room, we can put a mattress with the same security characteristics as the space for sleeping. Hanging up a mirror in this area will motivate children to move about and to further develop their motor skills. We can also hang up mobiles from the ceiling and mount a small shelf alongside the mattress to display all the different items (paying attention to not overcrowd with too many items).

The living room

In order for children to feel integrated into the family area without however invading it, we can dedicate a specific play area and also make space on the family bookshelf for their own books.

The bathroom

Adapting the bathroom to their size and needs, will help children become more autonomous and feel proud of doing things by themselves.

In order to do this, we can put a small basket for dirty clothes, a bin for used nappies, a mirror (it is easier to brush your teeth whilst looking in a mirror…), a washcloth and towel so they can wash their face.