The tools that will help develop a child's autonomy

A unique gift is one that gives a child the opportunity to develop his autonomy.


Why the emphasis on a child's autonomy?

Cognitive science has proven that the best way to initiate a child to the fundamentals of learning (writing, reading, counting…) is to focus on the development of the child’s autonomy.

Autonomy will help a child to develop his capacity to concentrate, memorize, pursue, plan and adjust his strategies… essential tools which will help him for life! Having confidence in one’s child and letting him discover for himself is the key to successful autonomy.

As parents who are passionate about the development of our children in an environment that is respectful of their needs, we look for and recommend the adapted learning material.


What is special about the material and how to use it?

1. Children are encouraged to seek out their own activity

By doing so, this will allow them to be fully concentrated and engaged in the chosen activity.

2. An adult presents the activity

a- Explain the use and aim of the toy using simple words.

b- Calmly demonstrate to the child on an individual basis, using gentle movements that are precise and logical.

“(…) be concise, your words should be limited, simple, true and objective.” (Maria Montessori)

3. A child can assess his own actions by observing the material

The adult needs to point out the elements which will allow the child to self correct him. The material is self-correcting and enables the child to observe whether his actions were suited, and allow the child to learn and make the necessary adjustments.

4. A child's strength