– Welcome to the Witty Wood toy library –

At Witty Wood, you can experience the toys before purchasing!

  • 15 days rental period
  • Each toy can be borrowed for 80 pesos – except rattles, mobiles and material for practical life.


How to rent a toy?


  • The chosen toy can be rented directly through the Polanco showroom (CMDX). Just send an email to contacto@wittywood.toys.
  • Or go directly the wittywood.toys internet site, and place an order for the toy you wish to rent then write « Toys to be rented » in the « Order notes » section.


It’s that easy!



How it’s work

  • The toy you have chosen to rent shall be paid for in full as of the first day of rental ; either in cash at the showroom or by using the different payment methods available on the Witty Wood internet site.
  • On the last day of the rental period, you will be reimbursed for the toy you have rented minus the rental price of 80 pesos.

Regarless of the toy you choose, the rental cost is 80 pesos for the entire range available!


  • The toy has to be return to the showroom within exactly 15 (effective) days (the day of rental included). If the toy was ordered via internet, the 15 days rental period commences the day the order is received (as attested by the date on the postmark).
  • If the toys were to be damaged, an estimation for repair will be requested, and this amount will be deducted from you reimbursement.
  • Any toy which that is not returned by the 15 days effective of the first rental day, the toy will be considered as purchased.
  • The cost of postage remains at your charge. We recommend that you keep and use the same box in which the toy was sent.
  • By confirming your order, you agree with the rules stated in this page.

Welcome to the Witty Wood toy librairy!